Moving to Europe

Choosing a relocation company is an important decision. The handling, packing and shipping of your family’s personal possessions requires professionals that you can rely on. It is a tough choice to make because you will be considering a few quotations which often offer the same services. However, there are a few things which sets us apart from the others.Our professionalism in handling inbound and outbound freight has given us a strong reputation. Almost 90% of clients who have had their inbound freight handled by us choose us again when it is time for them to leave Singapore. Maintaining our quality service, as well as monitoring our cost of doing business has enabled us to give you the best of both worlds, which is affordable pricing along with premium quality moving services. We take good care in monitoring your shipment all the way. Should you need any information, our staff will be most willing to answer your queries, and at the same time inform you on your shipment status.
Modes of Shipments
We at Interswift pride ourselves on giving customers the flexibility to choose from different shipment modes. Everyone has different needs, be it budget, timeline or even a combination of both. We offer Air freight as well as Groupage (shared) shipping, LCL (Less than Container Load), and FCL (Full Container Load) shipments to all parts of Europe.
Air Freight
Generally, an airfreight shipment is picked up, crated and put on an aircraft within 48 hours of packing. Transit time is less than a day but customs and quarantine clearances at destination may take up to 4 days. Fastest mode of shipping but also the one that costs the most.
LCL – Less than Container Load Shipments
An LCL service is usually quoted when you do not have enough volume to fill a reasonable amount of space in a 20ft Container, and you do not have the time to wait for us to fill up a groupage container. After packing is done in Singapore, your cargo will be sent to our freight forwarder who has a weekly sailing schedule. LCL Shipping is economical for small shipments that are too urgent to be held for groupage shipments, but are not time sensitive enough to be sent via Air Freight. This, by our assessment is the 2nd most expensive way to ship freight.
FCL – Full Container Load Shipments
FCL Shipments are the most economical mode once you have more than half a 20ft container worth of goods. This is because we book the whole container for your goods, there are no freight forwarders involved in the process. There is no additional handling to be done – i.e. The container will be trucked to and loaded at your residence at Origin. It will then be sealed and shipped out. The next time you see it, it will be at your residence at destination (if access permits). This is unlike LCL shipping, where containers need to get consolidated at origin and deconsolidated at destination, and often involves more transport.
Groupage Shipping
Groupage shipping is by far the cheapest way to ship smaller shipments (below half a 20ft Container) to Europe. Shipments are packed and held in our warehouse until we fill up a container bound for Europe. Typically the waiting time in Singapore can range from 4-8 weeks. This is for shipments that are not urgent in nature. Some of our customers use this option to ship the bulk of their goods, and then book a very small Air freight shipment to ensure their essentials get there on time.

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