So you’re ready to move to Australia and you’ve started making plans for the big moving day. Visas are in order, flight tickets booked and you are looking for quotes from a moving company in order to plan the big move day. Apart from telling you what size container you need, how best your precious items will be protected, and how much your move is going to cost, you should be advised on what you can and cannot take into Australia.

Why is Australia strict on imports?

Australia is geographically isolated from any other country and is home to much unique flora and fauna. The Department of Water and Agriculture is tasked with preserving this uniqueness and thus do all that they can to prevent the influx of disease or pests into the country. This is achieved by controlling the import of products that may pose a threat to the environment.

Quarantine on Personal Effects Imports

All personal effects shipments that enter Australia are unloaded into a DAWR approved warehouse and are subject to a physical examination by quarantine officers.

Items of particular interest to quarantine officials

Items that will attract the interest of a quarantine officer are those that may contain soil, grass seeds or insects. So it is always best to make sure your gardening equipment, shoes, flowerpots, golf clubs, sporting/camping equipment and bicycles are thoroughly washed and all traces of soil contamination removed.

Items that should NEVER be imported into Australia

Any article containing plant matter including pine conesstraw starsdried moss, barkwood shavingsegg shellsmeat and egg products.

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