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international movers and packers Singapore

International Movers and Packers Singapore

Choosing a relocation company is an important decision. The handling, packing, and shipping of your family’s personal possessions require professionals that you can rely on. It is a tough choice to make because you will be considering a few quotations that often offer the same services. However, there are a few things that set us apart from the others. Our professionalism in handling inbound and outbound freight has given us a strong reputation. Almost 90% of clients who have had their inbound freight handled by us choose us again when it is time for them to leave Singapore. Maintaining our quality service, as well as monitoring our cost of doing business has enabled us to give you the best of both worlds, which is affordable pricing along with premium quality moving services. We take good care of monitoring your shipment all the way. Should you need any information, our staff will be most willing to answer your queries, and at the same time inform you of your shipment status.

International Moving Is No More Headache Now


Moving abroad is always fascinating as not just would get a chance to explore new things, but, also, the chance to live life in a new way would also be there. Relocating from one country to another is quite a stressful task not for just pocket, but, a lot of paperwork is also tiring. You may also have to deal with the daunting pressure and stress of packing valuable things and make that transported them into a new place. At the time you require the one who will make doing the task easy for you. With Interswift, your travel would be enjoyable as we help you in relocating from one country to another. We offer you custom made relocation services overseas so that you can move with any botheration.

What Do We Offer?


it is true relocating to another country is highly daunting you would be unaware about that completely, but, choosing a company that would make you settle for that place makes your head pain lesser. Choosing the company is also not that easy. You can’t make a random choice for such a responsible task. Interswift, make you assure with not just the best possible service, but, offer you at the best possible price as well. This is not just a single reason you need to make us your first choice but, the list in down below so that you can take a look and make a wise choice.

When Moving Your Business Aboard


It is time today to spread your business to not just domestically but internationally as well. Making your well-groomed business, uproot and locate it somewhere else has become a need to get a chance to make it work well. With Interswift, you would be able to get to know the rules and regulations of the country you are planning to move on as they vary from country to country. Some other issues, including language barriers, marketing and cot issues would be settled down after you talk to the expert team.

When Relocating For Personal Reasons


When you are going to move abroad for personal reasons like for a job change or for studying then you need a professional like Interswift to make the task easy for you. The entire moving-related stress, including managing paperwork, transporting the stuff would be done in a well-organized way. In case, any kind of help required getting your spouse with you or for his/her job placement or employment that can be settled in case required.

Team of Experts

We are well known Trusted Movers Singapore and we built the name with the expert services and that was possible only because of the hard-working, dedicated and well-experienced team members. Hire International Movers and Packers, our primary goal is not just to make your work done, but, also offering customer’s satisfaction. We offer reliable services along with services to offer you the security of your valuables or furniture.

Key Services Offered By Us

We offer many services to make your move internationally and the key points include:

  • As mentioned above, we are working with the team of trained professionals who make done the task at their end so that you would have to feel the least possible pressure of moving.
  • We are having different transportation options and you can choose from them whatever you feel safe for your items and suitable as per the cost.
  • With our highly meticulous packing services, you can be assured that there will be no damage done with your products you have chosen to get transported. The entire task of arranging the items properly and keeping the fragile items safer is done professionally.
  • We prefer using modern methods and tools and which left no space for inaccuracy.
  • With our experience in the field, we are able to handle each and everything at our end perfectly. So, you need not be worried about the big item like a car or to the smallest item like a lamp, because everything is packed and transported professionally.


We believe that our relationship with the client is very precious and so respect that we offer a clear overview of our working process. The work is done as per personal requirements and the instructions given by the client. The services include the following that can make you customize your choice.

  • With the promise of moving items, it is our guarantee that there will be no damage done to your valuables.
  • The assurance of security of your goods is made by our team.
  • The bill will be provided for the ordered items only and you will not burden with any hidden cost.
  • At Interswift, we charge you only for our services offered and the rest will be make done at our end only.
  • Not just secure, but timely delivery is what we promise to the clients and it makes us deliver one of the quickest services for relocating overseas.

Choose Interswift For Your Next International Move

With our experience and customer’s positive feedback in the field gave us the confidence to do even better in the same business. We promise you to offer even better with every step of moving overseas. Our promise to clients is to offer the best in class services for overseas relocation. The services are quite simple and easy to understand. We make your relocation process easy not just with safe packaging and delivering, but can also assist you in other important matters if required.

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