House Moving

Interswift has been a trusted house movers in Singapore for 40 years. We believe that moving to a new home is the happiest event of one’s life but the selection of unreliable house mover can even destroy the happy moments. Being the professional house movers in Singapore, we assure you that our clients are satisfied with the zenith with our house moving services. We meet all house mover requirements by providing trustworthy services, reliable staff, and competitive rates.

Why Choose Interswift House Movers?

If the movers with good quality and honest house moving are at your glance, you need not look further for seeking the best service. Our movers are dedicated men who will guarantee your move in a reliable and efficient manner. We invest in training our staff heavily, to assure that we always hold the best position to make your move easier.


  • WELL-ESTABLISHED: We are proud to be one of the biggest and competent managed movers in Singapore with self-administered honorable practices.
  • VERIFIED TRACK HISTORY: For about 25 years, we have helped thousands of families in house moving.
  • SECURITY AND CARE: We use quality packing materials for the protection of your precious assets along with insurance coverage for every move.
  • GLOBALLY ACCREDITED: We are outstanding members of the internationally recognized movers association.

Temporary Storage of Your goods in Singapore

More than often, conflicting real estate time tables can be stressful. Your shipment arrives ahead of what was expected, your home will not be ready for another week, what do you do? We have well-equipped warehouse facilities around Singapore to assist when this happens. We can store your goods for you until you are able to take delivery of them. We have seen these situations arise many times, thus always offer affordable storage solutions and even a couple of weeks’ free storage for all our customers that move to Singapore.

Home Search Services

Apart from owning a full-service removals company, through the strength of our business partners, we are able to offer Home Search Services for rental properties in Singapore.

Temporary Accommodation in Singapore

Many a time, you would require a short stay in a hotel or serviced apartment in Singapore. We have compiled a list of them for your ease of reference. Should you require, we could even assist with pre-booking the accommodation on your behalf.

Our House Moving Process

  • STEP 1: We provide free and non-obligatory site survey. Our skilled surveyors are experienced enough to offer highly accurate assessment.
  • STEP 2: All the expenses are based on number of items instead of weight for best dollar value. With no hidden charges for items and services, our quotations are transparent.
  • STEP 3: For uncomplicated booking system you are provided with online facility by emailing us. For your booking confirmation, our customer representative will get in touch with you 24/7.
  • STEP 4: At Interswift, our professionals are equipped with accurate tools and equipment for the job. We provide certified movers and packers for all our moves.

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